Old Iggies stalwart running for SCG Trust Election

If you are a member of the SCG – Sam Shepherd is running for SCG Trust Election and wants your vote.

If you want to know what Sam stands for – beside
the promotion of Old Iggies Rugby – then read on . . . .




Dear friends and colleagues,

I am sending you this email as someone who I know is an SCG member or is likely to know SCG members.

As many of you would be aware, I have been a passionate SCG member for many years. Many of you will be tired of me talking about how the management could greatly improve the membership experience. This resulted in my preparing an extensive paper utilising my retail, place making, and golf course property development experience. I submitted this paper to the SCG management in 2013. In addition to this report I have decided to nominate for one of the two member elected SCG Trust positions during the SCG Trust election in May.

The ballot papers for SCG Trust election are being posted this Wednesday 30th April. Members should receive their ballot papers late this week or early next week. The ballot is being managed by the Electoral Commission of NSW. Members will get the opportunity to vote for two people using a preference voting system. There are 28 candidates so it will be a tightly run contest. Ballot papers will need to be returned by 27th May.

I have included below a summary of my election pitch including a link to my report and executive summary. If you are a member and my key issues and report resonate with you, I would be honoured to receive your vote and represent your interests on the SCG Trust.

If you know any other SCG members (young or old), or people likely to know members and were able to forward this email to them, I would be most grateful.

Kind regards

Sam Shepherd

Managing Director

+61 448 409 275 

BellRinger Property Group
Level 5
17 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000



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