Old Crustaceans – Review & Photos

The Old Crustaceans took on a Knox Legends team yesterday at Lofberg Oval. We helped with raising some much needed funds for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.  

There were some great backline plays, some very tough defence just a little bit slower than they once were. Among the best on the day where Dave Mower, Carlo Heggie, Al King, Oh-Ah Jimmy McGrath, Nick Garside and Liam Sheridan.  No-one expected Gus Halligan to lace up the boots, but we all expected he would damage himself, which of course he did with a popped shoulder. Knox had much superior numbers and that showed on the final score which was 5 tries to 1.

The highlight would definitely being the return of the spectacular set piece move known only as “THE WALL!” 

One of our supporters quite nicely commented.

Guys an effort for the ages today.  I would like to congratulate all who were involved on the paddock. The SPIRIT which was apparent and the sheer joie de vivre was palpable. They put the seed over the chalk a bit more but we played with immense pride in the Crustaceans jersey and made Redmen everywhere very proud

Attached are a few photos of the day

 Pre-game Crustaceans v KNOBS 2014Old Crusty1 Old Crusty2 Old Crusty3 Old Crusty4 Old Crusty5 Old Crusty6 Old Crusty7 Old Crusty7a Old Crusty8 Old Crusty9 Old Crusty9a Old Crusty9b


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