The Big Dance

Calling all Red Men – Current and the Past

This weekend is it. THE BIG DANCE! All the hard work this season has paid off, both on and off the paddock. we get together for one final time to support the red, white and blue show their true colours, to prove to every doubter that the Red Men are far superior to any other. With 5th grades highly paid and influential coach The Oracle in charge of keeping a bunch of young and spiteful 5th graders together to show that they are the real deal. We then have the always present colties searching for a premiership for the first time in a number of years.

So gents, dust off your best coats, do your hair, and be sure to dress to impress and get down to TG Milner on Saturday to help these fellow compatriots across the line, help them on this journey to become immortal and go down in folklore and bring home the silverware. Spread the word far and wide, because this is sure to be one for the ages! Get around the boys and get them pumped. It’s grand final week!

Game Times are: Saturday 20th September – TG Milner Field, Vimiera Rd, Eastwood

Colties: 11.40 vs Mosman (main field)

5th grade: 11.45 vs Colleagues/the Poodle Walkers (field 2/top oval)

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