2015 Club Committee

The new committee has been elected for 2015 and we are pleased to announce the committee below!

New Committee for 2015

President – James Aitchison

Vice President – Robert ‘Boggy’ Ward

Secretary – Chris Galvin

Assistant Secretary – Michael Villella

Treasurer – Nicholas Ward (when he returns from USA)

Registrar & Football Manager – Aspro

Club Captain – Delayed until closer to the season

Subs Collector – Xav Craven

Recruitment – Mickey Palmer & Nic O’Connor (every club member to contribute to this)

Congratulations to the new committee for 2015.The next few years are shaping to be an exciting time for the club with the cease of paying players from 2015 and on wards in subbies rugby. If you have any questions, queries or ideas please contact members from the new committee to have your say.

Stay tuned for the release of some exciting news in the next coming days which are going to benefit the club and create some exciting times ahead.


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